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AZIMUT Hotels today

  • One of the largest hotel operators in the country by number of rooms available and geographical spread, with around 6,000 rooms in 26 hotels in 19 cities in Russia, Germany and Austria.
  • Created in Russia and becoming an international business-class hotel chain with centralized booking, a shared corporate culture and unified standard of service
  • Twelve years of experience in managing business hotels
  • Widespread customer loyalty
  • One of the most dynamically growing and developing brands

Throughout our years of operation we have become part of the life, character and mood of many cities in Russia and around the world. We have achieved a great deal and truly have much to be proud of.

We are better, because:

  • Each hotel is unique while at the same time upholding our shared corporate standards for hospitality
  • Our hotels are centrally situated in major cities in Russia, Germany and Austria
  • We offer wired and Wi-Fi internet access
  • We have the capacity to organize private and business functions
  • We can provide comfortable and modern banqueting and conference facilities
  • We have a Loyalty Program for our regular guests
  • We accept air miles from major airlines in our bonus program
  • we have developed the SMART philosophy

History and development

    • 2004: Samara, Ufa and Kostroma were the first cities in which the foundations for the future hotel chain were laid in 2004.
    • 2005: Hotels were acquired in St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Astrakhan and Murmansk.
    • 2006: The birth of the AZIMUT brand, uniting seven hotels and seven exceptional Russian cities.
    • 2008: The brand continues to travel around the world, breaking into the European market by getting known in major cities in Germany and Austria. Hotels opened in Berlin, Dresden, Cologne, Munich, Nuremberg, Erding and Vienna.
    • 2010: AZIMUT points in new directions with two very different and very vibrant cities - Novosibirsk and Voronezh.
    • 2011: In 2011 the Nizhny Novgorod hotel joined the group, and the company started the process of unifying the operations of the European and Russian divisions. Up to this point the management of the hotels in Russia and abroad was carried out by the Moscow and European offices independently. The unified company was called AZIMUT Hotels with headquarters in Moscow.
    • 2012: The appearance of the first loft-hotel in Moscow, AZIMUT Hotel Tulskaya Moscow, born into the new SMART philosophy, and the start of the path to renovate all of the hotels in the chain to a single high standard.
    • 2013: Our Olympic-scale plans are brought to fruition. November saw the opening of two hotels in the sports' city, Sochi: AZIMUT Hotel Resort and SPA Sochi 4* (which ceased operating as a hotel complex in 2015 due to being re-purposed for the needs of a children's development center), and AZIMUT Hotel Sochi 3* (which changed hands in 2016 as AZIMUT Hotels gave up the management of this hotel because it did not meet the new concepts service standards for the chain). The opening of one of the biggest hotels for the chain - AZIMUT Hotel Olympic Moscow - winner of the Lodestar 2016 award.
    • 2014: AZIMUT Hotel Murmansk opened after large-scale renovations. After the reconstruction of the hotel its facilities include 186 new generation SMART rooms, parking, a transformable conference space with a capacity of over 500, a banqueting hall, bar, DELI Cafe coffee shop and the Arktika restaurant. Today the AZIMUT Hotel Murmansk is a major, multifunctional hospitality and business center situated in the Arctic Circle comprising a hotel, business center and restaurant complex.
    • 2015: AZIMUT Hotel Vladivostok opened after large-scale renovations. A new hotel joins the chain - AZIMUT Hotel Vienna.
    • 2015: AZIMUT Hotels and the company Rosa Khutor sign a contract for the management of two sites at the Rosa Khutor mountain resort in Sochi. From 1 October 2016 the Freestyle Rosa Khutor hotel and Valset apartments at the resort are under the management of the AZIMUT Hotels chain as AZIMUT Hotel FREESTYLE Rosa Khutor and the VALSET apartments by AZIMUT.
The company's plans including the launch of further hotels in Moscow, in the Russian regional capitals and in Europe.
We will not rest on our laurels. Moving forward our actions are always underpinned by those standards which have made us the successful company we are today.