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  • Modern rooms and public areas
  • Conference and banquet facilities
  • Home cuisine cafe
  • Eco-zone location
  • Organization of fishing and hunting
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  • 焕然一新的房间和公共区域
  • 火车站10分钟路程,离飞机场15分钟路程
  • 新会议室和宴会厅
  • 餐厅,夏季露台,夏季电影院
  • SMART Living Lobby
  • 组织钓鱼和游览参观
  • 免费停车场

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AZIMUT Hotels in Astrakhan


    More about the city

    Astrakhan Kremlin

    Astrakhan Kremlin is one of the major landmarks in the Astrakhan Oblast. Its buildings located in the central part of the city are an example of outstanding architectural achievement from the second half of the 16th century. Building the Kremlin with white stone was started in 1582, during the reign of Ivan IV the Terrible. The Kremlin location is where Russian Astrakhan was founded. This historical and architectural complex has 22 buildings that are listed as architectural monuments, with the Uspenski [Maria Ascension] Cathedral among them counted among the most beautiful churches in Russia. AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan is located within less than 5 minutes’ walk from the Astrakhan Kremlin.

    St. Vladimir Cathedral

    St. Vladimir Cathedral stands in the central part of Astrakhan. The decision to erect the metropolitan cathedral of the Moscow archbishop’s metochion of the Saint Prince Vladimir was made in 1888. The cathedral’s architectural style is strictly Byzantine. It features steam heating and also excellent natural daylight illumination. This architectural building is listed as a memorial site of federal importance. AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan is located in less than 15 minutes’ walk from St. Vladimir Cathedral.

    Local History and Lore Museum

    Local History and Lore Museum was opened in 1837 by Governor I. S. Temiryazev. Its original name was Provincial Museum. After 1917 it was reorganized into a museum of natural sciences and local geography. In 1938 it became a part of the local revolutionary history and lore museum. Over 300 thousand items are deposited in the museum today, including an archeological exposition, numismatic and ethnographic collections, an armory and much more. Artifacts from this museum participate on the annual basis in traveling exhibitions, both inside Russia and abroad, where they are highly prized by experts winning much recognition. AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan is located within less than 15 minutes’ walk from the Local History and Lore Museum.

    P. M. Dogadin Astrakhan State Art Gallery

    This art gallery begun as an art collection of the Astrakhan philanthropist Pavel Mikhailovich Dogadin. In 1916 he handed over to the city his collection of art pieces from the 19th and 20th centuries. The gallery opened on December 15, 1918. Its name was changed several times during its existence. In 1958 the gallery was mistakenly called after Boris Kustodiev, a Russian painter born in Astrakhan, but in 2008 the original name was brought back. Today gallery’s exhibits are shown in the 23 halls of the Merchants’ Building, with the depositary totaling over 19 thousand items. Traveling exhibitions are shown at the gallery on the permanent basis, and art projects and creative events for grown-ups and for children are also organized and implemented there. AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan is located within less than 10 minutes’ ride from the P. M. Dogadin Astrakhan Arts Gallery.

    Astrakhan State Military Hall of Fame

    Astrakhan State Military Hall of Fame is located in a building listed as an architectural and historical monument of the City of Astrakhan (it was built in 1905-1907). Before 1917 this building was the seat of the governing body of the Astrakhan Cossack Army. The museum boasts today of 3.5 exhibit items, along with additional works of art, sculptures and graphics dating from different historical periods. AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan is located within less than 15 minutes’ walk from the Military Hall of Fame.

    Astrakhan State Opera and Ballet Theater

    The new building of the Astrakhan State Opera and Ballet Theater was erected at the initiative of the highest authority of the Russian Federation. It provides the basis for developing several directions: from theatrical performances with various degrees of complexity to staging important public events. The architectural solution of the theater building features elements of both bell towers from the Astrakhan Kremlin and such architectural masterpieces from Moscow as the State Historical Museum and the GUM (State Department Store). It was built recently using the “pseudo-Russian” style and elements of Art Nouveau. Total area of the building is 52,6 thousand square meters. The symphony orchestra of the Opera and Ballet Theater goes annually on tour participating in serious concert activities and performing on well-known stages in different cities of Russia. AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan is located within less than 15 minutes’ ride from the Opera and Ballet Theater.

    Astrakhan State Theater for Young Audiences

    Astrakhan State Theater for Young Audiences began its activities in 1933. This theater started from a core group of young enthusiasts who showed their first performance for children on the stage of the Trade Personnel Club. Actors in the first repertory company were drawn from local radio committee employers and from amateur talent troupes. Theater for Young Audiences found its home in the current theater building in 1969. It was rehabilitated and refurbished in 2007-2008, prior to the 450th anniversary celebration of Astrakhan. Well-known works of performing arts for children make up theater’s repertory while in the evening theater performances for adults are also staged. AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan is located within less than 5 minutes’ walk from the Astrakhan Theater for Young Audiences.

    Swan Lake

    This location can be rightfully called the most romantic and picturesque site in town. During the warm time of the year, inhabitants of Astrakhan gather on the shores of this lake, enjoying their picnics, walking and resting under open skies. There are many benches along the perimeter of the lake, and its beauty is best admired from the viewing platform AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan is located within less than 5 minutes’ walk from the Swan Lake.

    Central Astrakhan City embankment of the river Volga

    In the north the City Embankment starts at the Marriage Registration Hall, goes on for 2 kilometers along the Volga and terminates in the south at the Peter The First square, where a monument to this outstanding state leader was erected. During the warm part of the year many Astrakhan inhabitants spend here most of their free time. An extended cultural recreation zone includes a space for mass celebrations, an outdoor play set for children, a colorful music fountain (which is the largest in the city), a multitude of cafes and restaurants that can satisfy most sophisticated gourmets.

    Lenin Square

    This is the central square of the city located at the foot of the Kremlin. Architects from St. Petersburg refurbished it on occasion of the 450th anniversary of the city. General concept of the square today includes a complex of fountains called Neva-Volga and adorned with small-size sculptures. The square is paved with light-gray granite that matches harmoniously the Kremlin walls. The central square is the site for main mass events: concerts, celebrations, parades, etc. Still, Astrakhan citizen use the lawn areas of the square on everyday basis, they come here with their families for all kinds of outdoor recreational activities. AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan is located within less than 5 minutes’ walk from Lenin Square.

    Astrakhan is an ancient city at the Volga and „the capital” of the Russian river fishing. We recommend you to stay at the hotel in Astrakhan on the banks of the Volga, to feel better the atmosphere of this city. Choosing AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan, you not only receive the best quality-price ratio, but also have a possibility to admire the Astrakhan Kremlin (the main attraction of the city), overlooking it from the hotel’s windows.

    Fishing on the Volga and Akhtuba

    The Astrakhan Region is a unique area for fishing all the year round with a surprising fish abundance where even a lamer is able to catch a sander, a catfish or a pike. At the AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan we help you to arrange a fishing in Astrakhan, to book the transport to the place of fishing or to rent sports equipment and fishing gear.

    Excursions to lotus fields

    From July to September pink water lilies, or lotuses, start blooming in the Volga delta near Astrakhan. At this time those who want to admire the beautiful flower and enjoy the subtle aroma come on a holiday to Astrakhan. The aroma of lotus flowers has a beneficial effect: stress and depression disappear and the body fills with new forces. At your hotel in Astrakhan you can book a trip to the lotus valley in the Volga delta before noon: this is when the lotus flowers open fully.

    Business trip or event in Astrakhan

    Anyone who comes to the city on business usually wants to continue the work during a trip and looks for an accommodation with half board in order to reduce company costs and to save the time. To keep an event in Astrakhan you need a hotel with conference facilities. All these features are to find in AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan.

    AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan offers all the travelers to appreciate the benefits of the SMART concept. Its main principles are the functional approach in the using of compact space, "smart" engineering solutions and the stylish design. As the result, we get a maximum opportunity for efficient work and relaxation. Currently, this concept is also used in Murmansk, Ufa, Voronezh, Vladivostok. The first Smart hotel in Russia was opened in Moscow.

    Staying at a cheap hotel in Astrakhan you can make the most of the journey. If you are looking for a hotel in the center of Astrakhan at a bargain price, we recommend to book rooms on our website, where you get the Best Available Rate Guarantee, additional discounts and bonuses.