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Book your stay at the AZIMUT Hotel Saint Petersburg 5 days before your arrival or earlier with a 15% discount

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Book your stay at the AZIMUT Hotel Saint Petersburg 5 days before your arrival or earlier with a 15% discount

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Only in February: For all lovers — especially decorated room; 1 bottle of champagne and the option for a late check-out until 2 p.m. for only 3,800 rubles/day

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圣彼得堡阿兹姆特酒店 ★★★★
1 925 a 一晚
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  • 9间会议厅和照着日光的谈判大厅
  • 桑拿和美发店
  • AZIMUT Sport
  • China Friendly
  • 停车场
丰坦卡A酒店 ★★★
  • 离旅游路线不远的宾馆
  • 到涅瓦大街15分钟
  • 价格和质量最佳的比例
  • 免费无线网络Wi-Fi
  • 储存包裹处的摄像头
  • 停车场

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Stay 2 nights - get 25% offs
Stay 2 nights - get 25% offs
取决于 31/12/20
25% off
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Book early and save!
Book early and save!
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up to 20% off
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Book your stay at the AZIMUT Hotel Saint Petersburg 5 days before your arrival or earlier with a 15% discount

AZIMUT Hotels in Saint Petersburg


    About the city

    The Hermitage

    Once the Hermitage was the main residence of Russian emperors. Today it is one of the largest museums, not only in Russia, but in the world. It is interesting to note that if one wanted to see all works of art from its collections spending only one minute in front of each of them, it would take 81 years to complete the task.

    Palace Square

    The main city square emerged as an architectural ensemble in the second half of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century. This vast space includes the Hermitage, the Triumphal Arch of the General Staff building, the Alexander Column, the building of the Guards Corps Headquarters, and the Admiralty. The square that leaves a very deep impression indeed was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Every year it hosts concerts of world-famous stars, Victory Day parade, City Day celebrations, etc. On regular weekdays townspeople enjoy riding roller-skates on this square.

    St. Isaac’s Cathedral

    St. Isaac’s cathedral is an architectural wonder of sorts. It took 40 years (1818 -1858) to construct under the direction of its author, French architect Auguste de Montferrand. The decorations of the cathedral, both outside and inside, are dazzling and impressive. Breathtaking views of the city center from the cupola of the cathedral are world famous. You can climb the spiral staircase 300 meters high to the walkway at the base of the dome in order to get carried away by the combinations of roofs, by winding rivers and canals with their arciform bridges, by the outlines of the parks and the arrow-straight avenues.

    Bronze Horseman

    This is the monument to Peter the Great, the founder of the city. Its name became well-known because of the famous poem by Aleksandr Pushkin. The pedestal of the monument is a huge “Thunder Stone” which was so big and so heavy it took almost a year to deliver to the capital of the empire. The Bronze Horseman is certainly an impressive sight, but so is the view from the Neva river quay where this monument stands.

    Peter and Paul Fortress

    St. Petersburg was founded on May 27, 1703 when the construction of this citadel started. In 1730s a custom was created that had become a tradition since then: every day at noon a cannon shot is fired from the wall of the Peter and Paul fortress. From a bird’s perspective the citadel looks like an irregular hexagon with protrusive ramparts. It was built as a defensive fortification for the war period, but it was never used for the purpose of defending the city. During the Tsarist period it served as a prison for political opponents.

    Russian Museum

    The museum opened in 1898. It was the first Russian fine arts collection in the country and the largest depository of Russian fine arts in the world. According to the museum website its collection, as of January 1st, 2005, counted 394158 depository units.

    Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

    This cathedral was erected on the site where emperor Aleksandr II was fatally wounded on March 1st, 1881, as a result of a terrorist attack. Its construction was funded through a Russia-wide collection campaign. The church stands at a very picturesque spot at the shore of the Griboyedov canal, next to the Mikhailovski Garden and the Konyushennaya (Horse Stables) square, not far from the Marsovo pole (Field of Mars). Inside the cathedral there is a mosaic with an area of 7065 square meters.

    Summer Garden

    This garden was started in 1704 as a summer park residence of Peter I. The elaborate cast-iron railing of the Summer Garden became a symbol of St. Petersburg—many poets, including Pushkin, Akhmatova, Vyazemski, extolled it in their poems. An exquisite ensemble of park and sculptures exists in the Summer Garden, so if you write poetry, you can go and get more inspiration sitting on a bench in the Summer Garden.

    Trinity Cathedral

    According to the Russian, pre-1917 tradition, each regiment of the imperial guards had its own cathedral. The Trinity Cathedral was the church of the Izmailovski Guards regiment, one of the oldest in the imperial army. Named after Izmailovo village located by Moscow, the regiment had to move to St. Petersburg during the reign of Empress Anna Ioannovna. On July 12, 1733, a temporary field church in a tent was consecrated here, closer to the estuary of the Fontanka river. Its icons were painted by I. Adolsky. The church could function only during warm months, and in cold periods both soldiers and officers had to attend other parish churches. In 1754–1756, Empress Elizabeth Petrovna ordered the construction of a wooden church to replace the temporary tent church. The church had two altars, the main one of which was consecrated in the name of the Trinity. The church suffered a lot of damage during the flood of 1824, and by the order of Emperor Nicholas I the task of building a new stone church to architect Vasily Stasov. So, the AZIMUT Hotel Saint-Petersburg is located right next to this cathedral and it is its sky-blue cupolas that one can study in all details from the windows of our hotel. AZIMUT Hotel St. Petersburg is located in less than 10 minutes’ walk from the Trinity Cathedral.

    Mariinsky Theater

    This theater has existed since 1783, but it was in 1859 that it received its name after the wife of Emperor Alexander II, Empress Maria Aleksandrovna. After 1988 Valery Gergiev, the world-famous conductor, became its artistic director. In 2013 the second stage of the Mariinsky was opened. The style of the building, as per popular local opinion, is definitely too far off from the architectural style of the city, but the new stage features outstanding acoustics and a very comfortable auditorium. AZIMUT Hotel St. Petersburg is located in 20 minutes’ walk from the Mariinsky Theater.

    Our hotels in downtown St. Petersburg will help make the trip pleasant and successful both for those who is planning a business trip or going on vacation to the cultural capital. AZIMUT offers a high level of service and favorable prices in the hotels of Saint Petersburg.

    Weekend in the northern capital

    An important requirement to the hotel in a large city, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg is a convenient location. Both AZIMUT Hotel St. Petersburg 3 * and A-Hotel Fontanka are located in the Admiralty district of the city near the Fontanka River. From here you can walk to the Mariinsky Theatre and St. Isaac's Cathedral. To get to Nevsky Prospekt and to the Hermitage you should take the metro (the nearest underground station is "Tekhnologicheskiy Institut").

    AZIMUT hotels in St. Petersburg offer a free Wi-Fi access in the rooms, which will help you to create a route to the desired museum or a monument of architecture quickly. A hotel concierge of AZIMUT Hotel Saint-Petersburg helps you to choose an interesting route for exploring the city, to book excursions or tickets to museums or theaters.

    AZIMUT Hotel Saint-Petersburg Fontanka is located in the highest building of the historical center. The most part of the rooms offer an unforgettable view over the city. Hotel’s SKY BAR is a legendary bar in St. Petersburg and the perfect place to take a time out and to enjoy the beauty of the city with a birds-eye view.

    Conference in Saint Petersburg

    AZIMUT Hotel Saint-Petersburg is the largest congress hotel in Saint Petersburg, offering 19 conference halls and meeting rooms with daylight and air conditioning for up to 2,000 people. A wide range of meeting rooms and the team of professionals allow you organize all kinds of events from small workshops to large conferences, exhibitions and weddings.

    Budget hotel in the center of St. Petersburg

    A-Hotel Fontanka is a budget hotel with breakfast in the center of the city, which allows save your money. However, inexpensive rooms of the hotel have everything you need to make your stay in St. Petersburg comfortable and pleasant, e.g. a nice design, comfortable beds and a modern equipment.

    After getting your booking, the staff of the international chain AZIMUT hotels are preparing for your arrival at any time of the day and do their best to comply with your wishes. We regularly prepare some special offers for weekend tours in St. Petersburg. If you are preparing for the trip to St. Petersburg, we recommend you to book a room with half board at a special price in AZIMUT Hotel St. Petersburg 3*.

    Whatever AZIMUT Hotel St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia, from Murmansk to Vladivostok you choose, if you book a room at our site you
    get the Best Price Guarantee and various benefits.

    Football World Cup in Saint Petersburg

    Don't stay off-site – book the main sport event of 2018 in Saint Petersburg! During the Football World Cup relax between games at AZIMUT Hotel Saint Petersburg.