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AZIMUT Restaurant

Provides the option of tasting local cuisine of the rich Astrakhan region. The freshest fish from the Volga, high-quality ingredients and elegant presentation will make you feel special. You can also choose the open buffet option for our breakfast and supper: a large variety of appetizers from the Russian and European cuisine, cold cuts of meat and fish as well as a wide assortment of main courses and garnishes—all that is at your choice, a true all-you-can-eat with no restrictions.

Gazon café

This symbol of the bright side and carelessness of the summer is an ideal place for a warm meeting with your friends! Start your supper with a refreshing cocktail sharing the delight of companionship outdoors and then either move on to the main course on the special European-style menu or simply order char-grilled meat.

KinoGazon Bar

Sweet or salted popcorn, snacks and soft drinks are the indispensable attributes of watching a movie, so get them at KinoGazon bar. And if you decide that you would like to eat a full-size supper meal while watching your movie, the caring team of waiters will assist you in making your wish come true.

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