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AZIMUT Restaurant

Provides the option of tasting local cuisine of the rich Astrakhan region. The freshest fish from the Volga, high-quality ingredients and elegant presentation will make you feel special. You can also choose the open buffet option for our breakfast and supper: a large variety of appetizers from the Russian and European cuisine, cold cuts of meat and fish as well as a wide assortment of main courses and garnishes—all that is at your choice, a true all-you-can-eat with no restrictions.

Lobby Bar

Lobby bar in AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan - & nbsp; this unique space SMART Living Lobby combines the concept of mini-bar and library. After choosing your favorite drinks or snacks, you can check your e-mail, sitting at the bar tables, or sit on the couch and read a book from our library. All space is thought out for the convenience of the guests.

Opening hours: 24/7


Delicious dishes for any occasion.

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KinoGazon Bar

Sweet or salted popcorn, snacks and soft drinks are the indispensable attributes of watching a movie, so get them at KinoGazon bar. And if you decide that you would like to eat a full-size supper meal while watching your movie, the caring team of waiters will assist you in making your wish come true.

Wedding Catering and Decoration

We offer newlyweds magnificent dishes and refined decoration of the hall. Come to celebrate the wedding in AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan – we are able to create a holiday atmosphere!

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