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莫斯科斯摩棱斯克的AZIMUT酒店在AVENUE餐厅很乐意为客人们提供丰盛的早餐“瑞典餐桌”和新颖的俄餐a la carte作为晚餐,大堂还有芳香的咖啡、沙拉和小吃或者送餐到房间。



  • 位置: 4. 楼
  • 营业时间:
    • “瑞典餐桌”早餐:6.30—11:00
    • A la carte:12.00 – 23.00


#SIBIRSIBIR – restaurant of modern and traditional cuisine of Siberia. Restaurateur – Denis Ivanov, owner of the Golden Palm branch for the restaurant #SIBIRSIBIR in Novosibirsk – the best restaurant project in Russia.

All dishes are prepared with a strong national flavour: stroganina (sliced frozen raw fish) is cooked and cut with a Yakut knife right in front of a Guest table. According to all the commandments of geologists, a glass of vodka and coal are put into Ukha soup to soak up the real spirit of the Taiga. The restaurant offers dumplings of your choice from 4 types of meat, veal with fern, sturgeon, or pike with crab.

位置: 1楼
营业时间: 12:00 – 00:00
Average check: 2 000 rub.

Ramen-Izakaya-Bar KU

[KU:] Ramen Izakaya Bar opens a stunning panoramic view of the famous Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation building.

The basis of the menu is made up of several types of traditional Japanese soup ramen and snacks in the Izaka format. Here you can try five types of soup-ramen. Ramen noodles are cooked on an apparatus specially brought from Japan.

Ramen master Mitsuo Takahashi, specially invited from Japan to Moscow, and the [KU:] chef Andrew Chetvertnov are responsible for the gastronomic concept.

  • 位置: 1楼
  • 营业时间: 12:00 – 00:00
  • Average check: 1 200 rub.


While the weather is warm in Moscow, the access to the panoramic terrace is open in the hotel. This is the place where the guests can enjoy the dishes from the Avenue restaurant and also light refreshments and coffee from the Lobby bar outdoors.
The veranda is known for it's wonderful panoramic view of the Smolenskaya street and the famous Stalin's high-rise - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs main building.
You can reach the terrace not only from the restaurant but also from the Lobby bar.

  • 位置: 4楼
  • 营业时间: 06:30 - 23:00


家庭氛围下的芳香的咖啡、新鲜的三明治和小吃是交谈最好的补充。如果您没有来得及吃早餐,或者只是想吃点东西,那么可以选择Grab & Go的小吃。

  • 位置: 4楼
  • 营业时间: 24小时

Room service


  • 营业时间:24小时

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