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Lotus fields

Lotus fields in Astrakhan region is one of the most unique places in our country. Excursion to the lotus fields in July-August in Astrakhan will be a great option for an impressive holiday and unity with nature. The most lush flowering time is observed in July, in August the lotuses are already beginning to bloom.
Usually excursions are held in the morning when the flowers and buds are fully opened.

Excursion to the lotus fields is a truly amazing pastime. You will have the opportunity not just to look at the artificial planting of the lotuses but to visit the real endless plantations where this flower grows "savage", in a natural habitat.

During the excursion to the lotus fields in Astrakhan you will have a chance to see the rarest fauna representatives of this area including more than 250 species of different birds.

The tour also includes swimming in the Volga river on the well-equipped shore. In addition, during the lunch break you will be fed a delicious fish soup and fish dishes, as well as provided by some free time to relax.