AZIMUT Hotel Smolenskaya Moscow is assigned a category of 4 stars



The new flagship hotel of the AZIMUT Hotels chain is assigned a category of 4 stars. Before the renovation the hotel was called "Belgrade" and had a category of 3 stars. The classification procedure was carried out by an accredited organization for the classification of hotels and other accommodation facilities of the State System of Classification of Tourist Industry Objects.

Renovation of the AZIMUT Hotel Smolenskaya is made in accordance with SMART-concept, implemented by the AZIMUT Hotels chain. It allows guests to comfortably spend their time at the hotel. Renovation increased the number of rooms at the hotel by 2 times – from 236 to 474. Eight conference halls with a capacity of more than 800 people can be transformed depending on the format of the event.

General Director of the hotel Mikhail Gitman congratulates guests and colleagues: "The new hotel category we gained after renovation is a testament to the quality of the work done by a large team engaged in the project. We are glad to offer a decent level of service for foreign guests during the upcoming FIFA-2018. It is expected that 2,5-3 million people will receive fans passports. The AZIMUT Hotel Smolenskaya created the needed conditions for holding business events. Taking into account the history of the hotel, its unique location and the professionalism of its employees, the hotel can become one of the significant venues for holding official events at the federal and regional levels".

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