Hotels of the future. How the hotel brands will be changed in the age of €20 accommodation



In the article, published by the Forbes Russia, the CEO of AZIMUT Hotels examines the key factors in maintaining the competitiveness for large hotel brands at contemporary market, including the example of AZIMUT Hotels.

The typical tourist of the near future is a person traveling at least seven times a year, able to find cheap tickets even in the high season and not tending to pay more for the status of a hotel chain. However, it is still important for him/her the guarantee of service standards and comfort, which so far can be best provided by branded hotels.

Thus, AZIMUT Hotels opens hotels in the most diverse and sometimes undervalued regions of Russia, while offering a standardized quality of accommodation throughout the country. This is appreciated both by those visitors, who still remember the Soviet hotels, and by other tourists.

Larger hotels should also take into account such important inquiries of a modern tourist as “live as local” and acquire unique impressions at a reasonable price. These can be satisfied through the introduction of special offers and custom-tailored services.

An important task is to adapt hotel services for guests from large national markets: for example, China, India or Muslim countries. The development of "friendly" programs as China Friendly, India Friendly and Halal Friendly is nesessary.

Last but not least it is important to use the social networks, where now not only official, but also user-generated content like "live" photos of guests and reviews, including negative ones, can make a big contribution to hotel marketing. The ability to handle with the negative becomes one of the key advantages of professional hoteliers in an era of sharing-economy, many companies, realizing the importance of this issue, contain a whole department of online reputation management.

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