AZIMUT Hotels support the wonderful action #SaveWaterMirror, which is held as part of the global campaign "Save Water".

On World Water Day, AZIMUT Hotels, in partnership with Colgate, launched the #SaveWaterMirror project. In the hotel rooms the special message is left on the mirrors in bathrooms to remind guests about the importance of careful usage of water.  The mirror independently decides how economically the guest spends water when washing or taking a shower. Those guests who keep the water tap open too long await a warning message that appears on the mirror, inviting us to think about how much water we are spending.

The launch day for the action "Save water mirror" was chosen not by chance – on March 22 the UN General Assembly declared World Water Day. For the first time, the Day of Water was celebrated on the planet in 1993. Since then, in many countries around the world, thousands of people and companies annually organize activities aimed at preserving water.

The first to participate in the action "SaveWaterMirror" were the famous Russian bloggers who visited the AZIMUT Hotel Tulskaya. They personally inspected the fairness of the water flow assessment with a smart mirror. Bloggers appealed to their audience and recalled the importance of preserving the exhaustible resources of the Earth for future generations.
You can follow the action "SaveWaterMirror" on social networks with the hashtag #SaveWaterMirror or on the website
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