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Multifunctional living lobby

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Trendy design

SMART Design

SMART concept is based on understanding today’s hotel guest needs: a comfortable stay and a cozy place to work. Our SMART-rooms and lobbies are created for guests’ comfortable stay: in a room you can relax and sleep, in a lobby – appoint a business meeting and drink coffee.

Multifunctional Staff

Our hotels staff does everything to make guests feel comfortable. SMART-concept means in hotel lobby you can not only check in and get the key, but also ask receptionists for a coffee or a cocktail. Such a multifunctionality of the staff enables us to maintain democratic prices for hotel services.


A SMART room is a space that offers both a comfortable base for relaxation and the capacity to meet your business needs 24/7. The rooms are designated SMART Rooms thanks to our functional approach in organizing the accommodation and the use of smart technological details.

Innovative details in a Smart Room include:

  • Transformer bed which can be either a double or two singles as required
  • Full length mirror with appropriate lighting
  • Unusual design solutions: there are hooks for clothes along one wall of the room so that clothes can be hung up to be easily accessible
  • Multimedia phone that serves as alarm clock, charger and speaker for music
  • Shower with a relaxing massage setting

SMART Living Lobby

The SMART concept creates a social space for chatting, business meetings or comfortable relaxation in the SMART Living Lobby. The new lobby provides a combined space for reception, a lobby, a bar and a library, bringing together all of the functions of these zones.

In a SMART Lobby guests will find all they need: they can get additional information from reception, hold a business meeting, drink coffee, have a bite to eat, check the Internet or read a book.

SMART Living Lobby details:

  • Grab & Go: near the reception desk there’s a coffee station and minibars with snacks. You can take food and drinks to your room 24/7.
  • Sockets and slots to connect a laptop or charge gadgets.
  • Wired Internet and Wi-Fi are available throughout the hotel so you can always stay in touch.
  • Book-crossing, where you can take a book to read or share your own with others.